Iustitia (Justice)

Jordan Brun


18" x 26"

Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink

"Iustitia" (Justice) was inspired by a desire to make a piece that summarizes my feelings on the "Black Lives Matter" movement. The source image is taken from a reference of Misty Copeland (https://mistycopeland.com/), African American Ballet Dancer, on a plie. Balanced precariously but forcefully, Iustitia is no longer blindfolded, but looking directly at the viewer. She holds a broadsword festooned with rings at the hilt and pommel (signifying cycles), resting comfortably underneath her headdress of weighted balance. Her shackles do not tie her down, but rather flail about her, in and out of the established boundaries, beckoning/imposing upon the viewer.

Mixed Media on Illustration Board, 2020