Connect: Film

Date: November 13, 2020

2pm-3pm MST

BLOCK 1 // Best of 48 Hour Film Project (click to view)


A curated selection of the last 5 years of 48 Film Project films. 

In Partnership with: 

Create Reel Change

Mental Healthy FIT

48 Hour Film Project


3:30pm-4:30pm MST

BLOCK 2 // Local Film Selection

3:30 MST

The Outlet: A Path Through Skateboarding (click to view)

(24 min) Nathan Gentry

“Most skateboarders, who have been skating for most of their lives, have found that skating is much more than a hobby. Obviously, skateboarding is a passion of theirs. They love doing it. However, skateboarding has led them down paths that they could have never foreseen.”

4:00 MST

Hobohemian (click to view)

(14 min) Daniel Smith

James Lyons has a unique way of being in the world. For him, building and riding bicycles is an act of deliberate living.

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