Mentorship Program


A group of local artists working together with hopes to stimulate and strengthen the bonds within the Utah Art Communities by building and providing informal learning opportunities through information, mentorship and forum.

Working in conjunction with U.A.A., Connect, and other like-minded organizations, we hope to provide encouragement towards achievement of learning and growth to all artists (creatives).
Through a structured website, providing basic educational videos, informational forums and useful resource links; we are working towards serving our community.



We are a program created by artists for artists. This is indeed a philanthropic endeavor geared towards strengthening the growth and camaraderie of the thriving local art community.

Through artists sharing their established skills and time it is our hope to serve and meet the educational wants and needs of our community. 


Through this sharing and cultivating encouragement, we believe that we, as a whole can benefit through achievement.


Have you ever been to a Connect event and seen a piece of artwork created by another artist that really captures your attention?


Did this experience leave you wishing that you could introduce that particular technique or skill into your personal repertoire for your artwork?


Have you ever wished that you had someone to pass your art knowledge and skills on to?


After much brainstorming and discussion, we have been developing the structure for a new Peer Mentorship Program.  This will be an awesome, new learning, sharing opportunity for those wishing to share their skills and experience as well as those who wish to learn new skills.

Our Mentors